Company History

LJHSTV Trust developed out of LJHSTV, which was a school, based TV station initially set up in 2009. Initially the station was set up to improve pupils’ communication skills by enabling them to present and interview on both live and recorded TV programmes. The station then started to do commercial work, broadcasting and film, both in the local community and further afield. There
was always an element of community work associated with the station and in 2014 it was set up as a Social Enterprise. The Social Enterprise consists of two companies, LJHSTV Trust, which is a charity, and LJHSTV Community Interest Company, the profit wing owned by the trust. LJHSTV now focus primarily on documentaries.

What Matters To Us?

Our Company Mission
Our Philosophy
Our Promise
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Areas of Interest

Faith Based Films 50
Community Based Films 40
Environmental Based Films 10

Some Of Our Clients