LJHSTV invited to The White House

Paul Moorehead is currently networking in Washington DC, after a personal invitation from the White House.

Paul, who is the Creative Director of LJHSTV, was invited to take part in the Fifth Annual President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge conference.

The Campus Challenge is an initiative launched by President Obama to emphasise interfaith cooperation and […]

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Success In Chicago

The trip to Chicago Peace On Earth Film Festival started with Paul taking part in a directors’ panel on Saturday 8th followed by the USA premiere of “A Step Too Far? A Contemplation On Forgiveness” at 6PM on Sunday the 9th. Shortly afterwards the awards ceremony was held and “A Step To Far” claimed […]

Community Engagement (USA) Project

Release date to be confirmed

This film asks about the nature of community engagement and what it looks like in practical terms? What is the role of Colleges in engaging with schools and does this engagement always help? Through interviews with academics, teachers, policy makers, members of the community and others with an interest in […]